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Robot Pencil Toppers


Robot Pencil Toppers

Robot pencil topper picture NEW.png
Robot PT.jpg
Robot PT reverse.jpg
Robot PT and pencil.jpg
Robot pencil topper picture NEW.png
Robot PT.jpg
Robot PT reverse.jpg
Robot PT and pencil.jpg

Robot Pencil Toppers


Robot pencil toppers are made of soft, flexible silicone. They come in a pack of 3 and you can mix and match on colours!
Pencil toppers measure roughly 66mm tall and 27mm thick at the thickest point. They have various contours and textures which satisfies a person's need to chew.

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Safety information

  • This item is not suitable for heavy biting, it is designed for mouthing, sucking or light chewing
  • Only suitable for children aged 3+ (choking hazard). For children below this age, consider ordering a Clip-on Oojamabob?
  • Please ensure use of the Oojamabob is under adult supervision


Care information

  • Please wash thoroughly before use 
  • Ensure the item is regularly washed
  • Please inspect regularly for signs of wear and tear and remove from use if the item begins to show damage



Although the chewy items are fairly durable, they are by no means indestructible. Pendants will show signs of wear and tear eventually and may need replacing in time. Some may find that their pendant lasts for many many months without needing to be replaced and others may become damaged very quickly.

This is entirely dependant on the intensity and frequency of the individual's chewing behaviours and unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee the length of time any individual chew will last.

If you are unsure which chewy Oojamabob will be suitable for your needs, please do contact me and I will help you to make a selection, as some are stronger than others. Please understand this is not an exact science and sometimes it may just be a matter of trial and error to find the right chew!