General Oojamabob information

Oojamabob is a nonsense word I made up to cover the range of sensory items I make. It was hard to find a name that described the range of different items I would be making, so I created my own!

I’ve worked closely with individuals with sensory needs and their families over a period of many years and I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by both the individuals and their families. 

I am a knowledgeable, experienced, sympathetic, and friendly individual offering a fully customised experience and I will work closely with you to make sure you can find the exact Oojamabob needed.

I’m familiar with the challenges you face every day: 

I know how important it is that none of the food on the plate touches; why it is essential to remove the tags inside all clothing;

I know the challenges posed by needing to buy new clothes, when your bulk supply of identical trousers have run out and the shop no longer sells them.

I know the weary acceptance  of the week your child would only eat yellow foods and the adjustment to the fact that she now refuses to eat any yellow food at all.

The expense of chewed through collars and sleeves of numerous items of clothing, the frustration of replacing one expensive embroidered school jumper after another; the countless pairs of shoes he’s ruined through insisting on wearing them on the wrong feet.

I know the challenges faced by parents/carers of those with sensory needs and the challenges faced by the individuals themselves and I want to help.

A close friend’s child was referred by his school to see a nurse, psychologist and Occupational Therapist.

I attended several of the appointments with my friend and her son and was particularly interested in how his sensory issues were addressed and the items recommended for his needs.

One of the recommended items was a lap weight and my friend asked me if I would make one for her son to meet his specific requirements.

I worked closely with her son; we talked about the dimensions (he wanted it to go over his lap when sitting cross legged so we made it longer than standard ones), the fabric and the weight he would like it. I brought over something similar (a wheat bag) to test out the weight and a range of fabrics.

This was so enjoyable for both of us and he was especially attached to his new lap weight as it was made just for him and exactly how he needed it to be to get the most out of it.

I realised there was little customisation of sensory items available, even though I think customisation is essential in this area and decided I wanted to change this.

Chewy Oojamabobs

All chewy pendants/beads are made of 100% food grade silicone. They are BPA/PVC/lead/phtalate/heavy metal and latex free, non-toxic and completely safe to chew!

All chewy items in my range have been tested and are fully compliant with European Toy Safety Standards directive EN71.

Every necklace I make has a breakaway clip for extra safety, this includes both cords and lanyards!

Chewy Oojamambobs can easily be cleaned with soap and water. They’re also dishwasher safe!

I make the necklaces in such a way that the pendant is easily removed from the cord/lanyard for easy washing.The cords and lanyards are easy to wash with soap and water and dry quickly.

The cord is made of 100% nylon.

The lanyards are made of synthetic materials, usually polyester and/or nylon. The cords and lanyards are not designed to be chewed on. If you have concerns the recipient may chew on these, I would recommend ordering a fully beaded necklace on cord.

Although the pendants are durable, they will show signs of wear and may need replacing in time.

This is entirely dependant on intensity, frequency and manner of the individual’s chewing behaviours. Some may find that one will last for a great length of time without needing to be replaced, whilst for others they may wear out their chews more frequently.

Some Oojamabobs are tougher than others and some are more suited to specific chewing behaviours (e.g. people who chew with their back teeth versus people who chew with their front teeth). I love to hear from customers and am always extremely happy to help, so if you are at all unsure of what item would be suitable for your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

I want customers to feel comfortable coming to me with requests, no matter how customised or how silly the request may seem.

If it will help meet a sensory need, then I need to hear from you. I will always endeavour to provide you with a reasonable quote.


Chewy jewellery items are nearly always dispatched within 1 – 2 working days of your order being placed, as long as full order information is provided.

To prevent your order being delayed, PLEASE check to make sure you have provided all relevant information. The information I need to complete your order is below

Chewy jewellery:

  • Pendant colour
  • Lanyard length/clip-on length
  • Lanyard design


  • Rubber band colour(s)
  • Rubber band pattern (custom Fidgi-Flip orders)
  • Lanyard design

Standard items such as chewy jewellery and Fidgi-Flips will be already made and as such can be promptly dispatched. Custom clip-on’s, chewy bracelets and custom Fidgi-Flips may take a little longer depending on the number of custom items currently being processed.

The length of time taken for your order to be made and dispatched will depend on how many orders of custom items I have on the go at that time. If I have a number of custom items I am making, your order may take a little longer.

I’ve done my best to estimate dispatch times below, but rest assured I’ll always try to beat these. Whatever the situation, I can promise I will get your order made and dispatched as soon as I possibly can; I know how important these items are and that if you have ordered them, they are NEEDED as soon as possible!

If you’d like to know the status of your order, please do drop me a line. I’ll get back to you promptly!

Chewy Oojamabobs will be dispatched promptly, usually within 1 – 2 working days. 

Custom items will take a little more time depending on how many orders I’m working through, but I will aim to get them out within 2 – 3 working days. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for lap weights to be made and dispatched.

As I mentioned above, I will always work to get items out as soon as humanly possible!