Teething Necklace Parties

*** Bristol and surrounding locations ONLY ***

1. What is a 'Teething Necklace Party'?

A Teething Necklace Party is like a one-off parent and baby class which (usually) takes place in your home, where the host and guests are able to design and make their own teething necklaces from scratch, rather than buying set designs. Hosts receive their necklace for FREE for hosting the event!

The host gathers a few friends and babies in their home and I join them with a huge range of chewable beads, cords and clasps. Each guest has the opportunity to design and make one or more chewy teething necklaces to take away with them. Teething Necklace Parties usually last about 2 to 3 hours and I would offer to be present for up to 3 hours, but guests may choose to party for longer!
Many groups like to make an event of it and bring food and drink to share.

There will be customisable clip-on baby teethers available on the day also, such as this funky chewable foot pendant!

2. How much is it per guest and what does that include?

I ask for a minimum of 3 guests (plus the host) in order to book a Teething Necklace Party with Oojamabobs. The cost is £14 per person (for larger groups I may offer a discount depending on the group size) and includes the following:
  • As many beads as will fit on one of the wooden beading stands (see below; approximately 23cm)
  •  Any fiddle ring (this is a large chewable ring which fits over the beads and can be slid around the necklace. Babies LOVE these)
  • A coloured cord (currently we have pale yellow, pale pink, pale blue, black and silver available) 
  • A breakaway clasp

Hosts will receive their necklace for FREE for hosting the party!
Should any guest wish to design and purchase more than one necklace, they are welcome to and the cost is £12 per additional necklace.

Photo of a teething necklace.

3. What baby teethers do you have available?

All pendants pictured on my website are available to purchase as baby teethers. I will bring all of the teethers pictured on my website to all Teething Necklace Parties, along with a large selection of lanyards and will make up custom items on request on the day. Simply select a pendant, choose the pendant colour and choose from my huge range of lanyards available to create a customised teether for your baby!

If there is a particular lanyard design you would like available, please do ask in advance so I can ensure I bring this particular design.

There will also be a few limited edition teethers only available to buy on the day!

If you would like to order a baby teether online, please click HERE. Start by choosing the pendant and ensure under ‘lanyard type’ you select ‘clip-on (to clothes)’.

4. What are the beads made from?

Silicone beads are made from BPA free, non-toxic, heat resistant, 100% food grade silicone and are completely safe for your baby to chew.

There are also some wooden beads available to add to your necklace which are also completely safe for teething babies.

5. How can I be sure my necklace is safe?

When you have designed your necklace and threaded it onto the cord, I will help each guest to attach a breakaway clasp. These ensure that if the necklace is tugged or caught, the clasp will undo and the necklace will come off.

The cord used is very strong; much stronger than the force needed for the breakaway clasp to undo. As such you can be confident there is minimal risk of the cord breaking and beads spilling loose.

To further minimise this risk, knots are added to either side of the threaded beads (see image above). Guests are also welcomed to place knots in between each bead if they are concerned and would like to maximise safety.

6. How do I care for my necklace?

Silicone beads and teethers can be easily washed with soap and water. The silicone items are heat-resistant and can actually be put in the dishwasher, which is how I wash mine!

7. How do I book my Teething Necklace Party?

To book, please click HERE to send a message through my website. Alternatively you can email me on enquiries@sensoryoojamabobs.co.uk. If you would like to speak to me on the phone, please provide your phone number and convenient times to call and I will be happy to give you a call. It would be really helpful if you could provide the following information:
  • Your location/location of the party (my apologies, but these are currently only available in Bristol and surrounding areas. For a large party I may travel a little further afield, so please do feel free to ask)
  • Number of guests (just a rough estimate)
  • Suggested dates/times (I am generally very flexible with dates and can confirm several possible dates for you to offer to guests. Many hosts then use doodlepoll with potential guests to offer these dates and see which ones work the best)