5 useful strategies for autistic people with ADHD

Take-home strategies from Purple Ella’s talk on ADHD and Autism in Bristol Last week I got to go to my old stomping ground (Bristol) to see my amazing friend talk about their experiences of having both Autism and ADHD. I was kindly invited to attend by Bristol Autism Support and set up a table with […]

Autism and ADHD Talk with Purple Ella

Bristol Autism Event Nov 2023

Read about the upcoming Autism and ADHD Talk with Purple Ella On Monday 27th November, I’ll be heading to DoubleTree Hilton, in Bristol City Centre, to listen to the fabulous Purple Ella and their talk on Autism and ADHD, as hosted by Bristol Autism Support and Bristol Parent Carers. Get your FREE tickets to this […]


Cats relaxing on a bed.

Sensory overload and my experiences as a parent with a chronic illness and minor brain injury Oh my god, my children overload me so much. I’m writing this from my bedroom, where I have just taken myself after dinner, for something like a self-induced time-out. It’s Friday, the kids are over tired and silly, we’ve […]

Chew Necklaces: 5 Helpful Reasons Chew Necklaces Are Good For Anxiety

Chew Necklaces and anxiety Living with anxiety can be extremely challenging, but finding effective coping mechanisms can make a significant difference to one’s daily life. One such innovative solution gaining popularity is the use of chew necklaces. Made from food-grade silicone, these simple yet ingenious accessories are not only stylish but also serve as a […]

My name is Abbi, Welcome to Oojamabobs.

Hello! Thanks for visiting my website 🙂 My name is Abbi and I have over 10 years experience working with individuals of all ages with sensory needs, particularly with individuals with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviours.  I have a first class degree in Psychology from Brunel University where I studied […]