Autism and ADHD Talk with Purple Ella

Read about the upcoming Autism and ADHD Talk with Purple Ella

On Monday 27th November, I’ll be heading to DoubleTree Hilton, in Bristol City Centre, to listen to the fabulous Purple Ella and their talk on Autism and ADHD, as hosted by Bristol Autism Support and Bristol Parent Carers.

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Ella, who received an autism diagnosis in their late 30s and an ADHD diagnosis in their early 40s, is also a parent to three neurodivergent teenagers. Harnessing their personal experiences, Ella began sharing their life along with tips, tricks and advice for other neurodivergents on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

As Ella’s audience has expanded, they have successfully created an amazingly supportive environment for individuals with autism and ADHD, as well as their loved ones. Furthermore, Ella has contributed hugely to the field by working with the National Autistic Society, offering consultancy services, and aiding in the development and delivery of training. They have shared their insights on autism and ADHD at conferences and events across the UK, producing training videos and content for both the NHS and private sector. Notably, Ella takes pride in serving as an ambassador for the charity Dogs For Autism.

During this session, Ella will speak with us on the topic of Autism & ADHD, followed by a dedicated time for questions and answers.

I will also have a table set up at the event, with all my Oojamabobs available to buy on the day.

Exhibition table at conference showing chew necklace range

Hugely looking forward to listening to Purple Ella’s talk and meeting parent carers and professionals attending too!

Bristol Autism Event Nov 2023
Autism and ADHD Talk with Purple Ella
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