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FREE resources

I'm aware of many of the challenges faced by the parents of children with additional needs. During my career, I found resources like hand-out cards extremely helpful when managing challenging behaviour in public.

On occasion, I was faced with very challenging situations, where members of the public had been directly affected by someone I was supporting, such as having been sworn at, assaulted, or in one case the person I was with claimed they had been kidnapped and asked for the police to be called on me.
The cards helped me feel supported, provided the member of the public with an explanation as to what was going on and why, and overall helped me to feel more in control of a very stressful situation.

I'd like to help other people in similar challenging situations feel more supported and I have designed a range of free, downloadable hand-out cards for parents to print off and use themselves.

Hand-out cards have several benefits: 

  • Providing short, succinct details about your child's condition, when you need to concentrate on your child and cannot give this information yourself

  • Spreading awareness and (hopefully) understanding about your child's additional needs to members of the public

  • Helping parents feel more empowered by providing a means to combat the staring or possible comments they may receive


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